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1. Fill in the "New Request" section above to receive a registration code
via email that will allow you to upload an Interconnection Request or
Project Details Form and associated documents. This only needs to be
done once for each project to be submitted.  

2. Once a registration code is received, paste it into "Registration Code"
field to upload required project files.
Resource Interconnection Management System (RIMS) is the CAISO’s system for tracking several
different interconnection processes at the CAISO. A training presentation for RIMS is available

Queue Viewing Instructions
1. Click on "Reporting" tab in top left corner of this screen
2. Once you are on the report dashboard, use scroll bar on bottom to view information on the right
side of the report screen
3. Use Action Toolbar icons at top left of report dashboard to customize the view. Expand the following
section to view the details.
Action Toolbar
4. Export the report to Excel to further evaluate data
5. Link to more information:

App & Study Module (Interconnection Request)
CAISO Queue Interconnection Requests are tracked in the App & Study Module. Click for
process guidance and forms. Please select the "Interconnection Request" request type at the left
to submit this type of project.
Next Cluster Application Window
April 3rd - April 17th, 2023
Send questions to

Market Participation Asset Implementation Module
(Project Details Form)
The MPAI module tracks requests going through CAISO’s New Resource Implementation (NRI)
process for modeling resources into CAISO markets and model (this process applies to all resources
wishing to participate in CAISO markets, regardless of interconnection level. Click
  for process
guidance and forms. Please select the "NRI Project Details Form" request type at the left to submit
this type of project.


If "Evidence of Site Exclusivity" has invalid value error is received upon Interconnection Request submission:

1. Open your IR document and go to item 6. Evidence of Site Exclusivity
2. Click and unclick the box marked “Is attached to this Interconnection Request”
3. Click on Deposit in lieu of Site Exclusivity box
4. Save and upload document